Best of Supinfocom

short film selection, 80 min, 2014
in French with English subtitles

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A hunter is pursuing a giant bird who is kidnapping babies, until he discovers the real threat.
Directed by: Kevin Hermans, Clélia Hague, Nethalie Bourse-Maslanka, Edouard Caullet, and Anthony Vincent.
Music by Joeffrey Longagnani
Sound design: Kamal Ouazene & Nathalie Bourse-Maslanka
Format: 2.35 : 1 Duration: 4’55’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

A young woman discovers herself by going on a hiking trip on Easter Island
Directed by: Quentin Schall, Margaux Fauré, Romain Chalvidan, Marion Bordeyne, Benjamin Jean, and Bastien Boutté.
Music and sound design by Romain Trouillet
Cello – Themis Bandini
Format: 2.35 : 1 Duration: 8’56’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

Marie decides that if her son wants to behave like a vegetable, she will treat him like a vegetable.
Directed by: Emilie Muszczak, Manon Evraert, Mélanie Flandrin, Pedro Chavez, and Yung Hsin Crystal Jenq.
Music by Thomas Schweitzer
Format: 16:9 Duration: 6’26’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

CENTOPEIA (Centipede)
A singer becomes a revolutionary leader against his will.
Directed by: Clément Rouil, Léonie Després, Yoanne Drulhe, Bertrand Piot, Jérôme Regef, and Alexis Caillet.
Music by: Philippe de Sousa, Sousa Santos, Nuno Estevens and Romain Debrie.
Sound design by Romain Debrie
Format: 2.35 : 1 Duration: 6’57’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

The amazing story of a foetus in a giant belly.
Directed by: Alexia Schmidt, Antoine Vienne, Justine Laurent, Idriss Bodhy, Leslie Murard, Hadrien Brissaud, and Olivia De Thevenard.
Music & Sound Design by David Boitier.
Additional Music by Otto Von Schirach
Format: 16:9 Duration: 7’10’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

A tale of a young Indonesian girl who escapes from her condition in her dream.
Directed by: Sarah Feruglio, Anthony Oliveiera, Pierre-Antoine Naline, and Maxime Orhnial.
Music by Pablo Pico
Rebab, Sarod played by Jean Desaire
Voix of Indah – Maïa Ouazene
Sound design by Pierre-Antoine Naline
Format: 16:9 Duration: 5’48’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

Giant robots from outer space invade the earth.
Directed by: Aurélien Frenandez, Elsa Lamy, Louis Ventre, Valentin Watrignant and François Guéry.
Music by Bruno Abel.
Sound Design by Thomas Van Pottelberge
Voice – Pascal Miller
Format: 2.35 : 1 Duration: 6’09’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

During the Spanish conquest of America, a greedy conquistador hunts a mysterious beast who can create gold.
Directed by: Cyril Bossmann, Pauline Menigot, Hadrien Ottevaere, Manon Grabette and Karim Hafa.
Music by Nathan Einhorn
Violin – Vianney Meigne, Cello – Marie Grollier, Clarinets and guitars – Guillaume Baron, Voice Anna Sramkova
Format: 2.35 : 1 Duration: 7’41’’
Produced by SUPINFOCOM RUBIKA (Valenciennes)

Join the Mole to save humans who are just a bite away from extinction.
Directed by: Yves-Marie Beaufrand, Arnov B. Chaudhury, Jyoti P. Khatavkar, and Karthikeyan J D.
Music by Julien Thuret
Sound design by Alex Cap
Voices: Tonya Simmons & Sachin Mehta
Format: 16:9 Duration: 6’04’’
Produced by DSK SUPINFOCOM (Pune India)

MAGARWASI (Crocodile)
The story of inspector Lobo and his encounter with the malicious “Magarwasi” tribe.
Directed by: Varun Nair, Kartik Gupta, Eshana Multani, and Bhanu Khandelwal.
Music by Miles Hancock
Sound design by Dave Stephenson
Format: 16:9 Duration: 6’13’’
Produced by DSK SUPINFOCOM (Pune India)

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The Key Game (18)

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