21st Titanic International Film Festival / 4-12.04.2013

21st Titanic International Film Festival / 4-12.04.2013

The 21st Titanic International Film Festival will run between 4-12th April which likewise the past 20 years gives an overall multi-colour selection of the most exciting contemporary films. At Urania, 22 screenings await the audience, among them - only at this venue - all the movies in competition.

This year Titanic brings to the Hungarian capital 52 films of 25 nations, among them known directors’ latest features, young artists’ debut works and unique pieces of less-known regions, several times accompanied by the authors. This year’s selection is expected to be the most recent, exciting and colourful collection ever. 10 films from the offer debuted in 2014 in festivals like Sundance, Rotterdam or Berlinale, and there will be such rarities screened as a film from Chile, Kazakhstan, Japan, Venezuela and Cambodia.


Full-price ticket: HUF 1100
Pre-sale ticket (available online and at the cash desk till April 3rd): HUF 900

Discounts from April 4th till April 12th (available only at the cash desk):

Student discount: HUF 900
'5+ discount' (when buying 5 or more tickets at the same time): HUF 900/ticket
'10+ discount' (when buying 10 or more tickets at the same time): HUF 800/ticket

You can book tickets via our online reservation system or by telephone (+361/486 34 00).
Booked tickets can be picked up half an hour before the show, but please note that the pre-sale discount is valid only till April 3rd.



03-04 19:30 Calvary (drama, Ireland/Great-Britain, 100 min, 2013)

04-04 16:30 The Reunion (drama, Sweden, 89 min, 2013)

04-04 18:15 Jacky in the Kingdom of Women (comedy, France, 87 min, 2014)

04-04 20:00 Black Soup (action-comedy, Hungary, 100 min, 2014)

05-04 15:00 Viktoria (drama, Bulgaria/Rumania, 155 min, 2013)

06-04 15:45 Joe (drama, USA, 117 min, 2013)

07-04 17:00 Harmony Lessons (drama, Kazakhstan/Germany/France, 115 min, 2015)

07-04 19:15 Of Horses and Men (dramedy, Iceland, 81 min, 2013)

07-04 21:00 Only in New York (romantic comedy, USA, 86 min, 2013)

08-04 16:00 The Better Angels (biographycal drama, USA, 94 min, 2013)

08-04 18:45 The Long Way Home (drama, Turkey, 115 min, 2012)

08-04 21:15 Short Term 12 (drama, USA, 96 min, 2013)

09-04 17:00 Mister John (thriller, Ireland/Great-Britain/Singapore, 95 min, 2013)

09-04 19:00 Blind (drama, Norway/Netherlands, 96 min, 2013)

09-04 21:00 To Kill a Man (drama, Chile, 83 min, 2014)

10-04 16:30 Les Apaches (thriller, France, 81 min, 2013)

11-04 17:00 Heart of a Lion (drama, Finland/Sweden, 99 min, 2013)

11-04 19:00 A Field in England (horror, Great-Britain, 90 min, 2013)

11-04 21:30 Tom at the Farm (thriller, Canada/France, 92 min, 2013)

12-04 16:45 Calvary (drama, Ireland/Great-Britain, 100 min, 2013)

12-04 19:30 Only Lovers Left Alive (drama, USA, 123 min, 2013)

Titanic Festival is one of the biggest film events in Hungary and operates as a competition festival since 2005. This year there will be 9 films in competition for the Breaking Waves Award. More films will run in further six sections: there will be a European and a world-selection, the popular Dark Side section and a documentary block. In Living in America we can watch American indie films, and Music For All presents the newest festival favourite music documentaries.

As last year Titanic awaits the audience at five venues, Uránia National Film Theatre, Örökmozgó, Toldi, Puskin and A38, and beyond films several other cultural and professional programs will enrich the festival menu. Among others a meeting will be organized for the universities with film education, and a special film selection and presentations will commemorate the recently deceased Miklós Jancsó.

»Oct. 7. – Friday«
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Napoleon - In the Name of Art (12)

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See How They Run (12)

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Where the Crawdads Sing (16)

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Elvis (12)

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Riviera East (12)

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