Animascope 7 // Best of METU Animation

Animascope is here again with its 7th edition on 25th January

25 january 2022 18:00 - 19:30

Location: Díszterem

Animascope is here again with its 7th edition! The annually organized program series started in 2014, and after a short, enforced rest it’s back now for the animation-loving audience. Despite of the difficulties characteristic for the last period, precious animation works were created at METU, which will be finally available on big screens at the Urania National Film Theatre. Some of the movies are already doing their successful festival tour, while others will be presented as a premier screening in front of the large audience.
The creators are former METU Animation students graduated in 2020 or 2021, from bachelor or master programmes. The selection, as usual, is targeted at youth and adult audience, showing a wide range of animation genres and visual styles. The movies share thoughts, cogitations, emotions present in the everyday lives of the creators in the past two years. Also, beside the directors is very important to highlight the name of the crew members, who’s contribution to the creative process was indispensable.

Participation is free of charge, but registration is required!
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Two of Us (4'18")
Director: Berta Viktória
Getting bored from being alone, a girl is longing a partner.

Calliope (8'29")
Director: Csánk Zsófia
A bored boy explores a hidden club in a hope of fulfilling his desire for adventure, not expected a bizarre, kinky and decadent world that reveals for him.

Adigo (6'42")
Director: Csóka Dóra
The story of a hunter who is haunted by the consequences of his action during his whole life.

The Foreign Brother (6'30")
Director: Eckert Szonja
An alien family adopts an orphan child arriving from the decaying Earth, who doesn’t want to get rid of his spacesuit helmet.  

Flow (5'23")
Director: Eszes Fruzsina
A young but lonely girl has to chose between her two lives.

A kisebbik rossz (10')
Director: Horesnyik Máté
The Eastern-Europian mentality and relations exposed through Attila Hazai’s pen. Raw and life-a-like stories which are turning into absurd scenes.

I'am Not Afraid Anymore (4')
Director: Kardos Eszter
Fear is an inevitable part of our lives. If we accept and respect each other's fears whe can even share a laugh.

Inkognito (7'35")
Director: Lantos Júlia
A young girl sees the world around her being brittle and depraved. She lives in a cold war where weapons are not guns, but the alienation, selfishness and depreciation of people.

Sok (3'52")
Director: Muresán Gabriella
A young woman on a train dives in her thoughts to discover the cause of her apathy and to find a solution to it.

Anywhere (6'50")
Director: Osztós Zsófia
Two brothers run away from home, but the violent environment left behind will affect their relationship too.  

Last Seen Awake (4'24")
Director: Scheffer Alexandra
The movie gathers surrealistic stories and situations inspired by the director's dreams.

Glitch (6'16")
Director: Tóth Orsolya
A man encounters bizzarre things during his days. Is he the one who went crazy, or the world itself?

Plato's Room (4'43")
Director: Varró Viktória
People are waiting on an endless corridor to watch the movie about their lives.

Sunshower (9'15")
Director: Wator Ádám and Fekete Attila
Egy aszálytól sújtott disztópikus kisváros lakói egy bábuhoz fohászkodnak megoldásért.

Movies will be screened with both English and Hungarian subtitles.
Other Production Team Members
Blankó Eszeter / Boumalleh Klaudia / Chilton Flóra / Hortobágyi Eszter / Kulcsár Szilvia / Mészáros Eszter / Neszvecskó Noé / Ómolnár Panna / Páli Nikoletta / Soltész Noémi / Szűcs Írisz / Taubel Viktória / Tóth Eszter / Tóth Réka
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