BIDF 2015 – Budapest International Documentary Festival / 23-27.09.2015

The best documentaries from around the world

23 september 2015 - 27 september 2015

Location: Uránia Nemzeti Filmszínház

In 2015, Budapest International Documentary Festival will have its second edition. After the great reviews and feedback of the first session, the main concept remains unchanged:

BIDF is an international competition for creative documentaries from all over the world without thematic restriction, with money awards and an international jury. We will invite all directors with films in competition (approximately 40 films) in order to provide our audience a unique and truly unforgettable experience: not simply a screening, but a festival with QandA sessions.

Ticket prices
Regular admission: 950 HUF
Student and pensioner admission: 650 HUF

Please note that you can only get a student or pensioner discount ticket at the time of buying the ticket at the cash desk. Thank you for your understanding.    
Eligibility for the discount ticket must be certified at the cash desk.




11.00 Díszterem 
The Queen of Silence
documentary, Poland 80'
Q&A with Agnieszka Zwiefka

13.00 Díszterem 
We Were Rebels
documentary, Germany 93'
Q&A with Katharina von Schroeder

15.15 Díszterem 
Blood Sisters
documentary, Sweden 83'


17.15 Díszterem 
documentary, Slovakia 83'
Q&A with Miro Remo

19.15 Díszterem
Drifter / Opening film
documentary, Hungary 72'
Q&A with Hörcher Gábor

21.00 Díszterem
The Wolfpack
documentary, USA 98'
Q&A with Izabella Tzenkova


10.45 Díszterem 
Two Raging Grannies
documentary, Norway 78'
Q&A with Christian Falch

12.45 Díszterem 
Cain's Children
documentary, Hungary 103'
Q&A with Gerő Marcell

15.15 Díszterem
documentary, Slovakia 85'



17.15 Díszterem
Log Book Serbistan
documentary, Hungary 94'

19.30 Díszterem
His Parents' Eyes
documentary, Hungary 94'
Q&A with Varga Ágota

21.30 Díszterem
Daniel's World
documentary, Czech Republic 75'
Q&A with Veronike Liskova


11.00 Díszterem
Art and Craft
documentary, USA 90'
Q&A with Jennifer Grausman

13.00 Díszterem
Buried Letters
documentary, Czech Republic 52'
Q&A with Tomas Kudrna and Barbora Sebova

14.30 Díszterem
We Come As Friends
documentary, Austria, France 105'
Q&A with Hubert Sauper



17.00 Díszterem
Time Suspended
documentary, Mexico 64'
Q&A with Natalia Bruschtein

18.45 Díszterem
Something Better to Come
documentary, Denmark 105'
Q&A with Pyotr Polak

21,00 Díszterem
16 Years Till Summer
documentary, Great Britain 80'
Q&A with Lou McLoughlan


11.15 Díszterem
Garden Lovers
documentary, Finland 73'
Q&A with Virpi Suutari

13.00 Díszterem
Always Together
documentary, Czech Republic 75'
Q&A with Eva Tomanová

15.00 Díszterem
dokumentumfilm, Denmark 100'
Q&A with Peter Tygesen



17.15 Díszterem
Érpatak model
documentary, Netherlands  76'
Q&A with Benny Brunner and Keno Verseck

19.00 Díszterem
Toto and His Sisters
documentary, Romania 93'
Q&A with Florin Botonogu és Toto

21.15 Díszterem
My Life, My Lesson
documentary, Sweden, Norway 75'
Q&A with Asa Ekman


11.00 Díszterem
Tea Time
documentary, Chile 70'
Q&A with Maite Alberdi

12.45 Díszterem
Every Face Has a Name
documentary, Sweden 76'
Q&A with Magnus Gertten

14.45 Díszterem 
Spartacus and Cassandra
documentary, France 85'
Q&A with Spartacus



16.45 Díszterem
documentary, Netherlands 105'

19.00 Díszterem
Closing Ceremony

21.30 Díszterem
Screening of the award winning film


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BIDF 23th of september 17.15
»Oct. 5. – Wednesday«
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Elvis (12)

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The Art of Dubbing... / Q&A (6)

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The Young Lovers (16)

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