Dear Guests,

The Uránia National Film Theatre monumental building is part of our cultural heritage, its preservation is our common interest and responsibility. The Rules of the House serve this purpose as well as the undisturbed entertainment of our audience.

Please help us by respecting our Rules of the House.

Visiting Uránia’s shows, buying tickets

Uránia and its cash-desk open every day half an hour before the first show and close after the beginning of the last show. You can find information about special opening hours on our official webpage,  

You can visit our shows and events with a valid ticket or – in the case of events for which you need to register – by presenting a printed/displayed-on-the-telephone email confirming registration.     

You can find information about our ticket prices and available discounts on Uránia’s webpage. We cannot accept complaints after you have left the cash-desk.   

Students and pensioners can buy tickets for our base-price shows by presenting their valid students’ and pensioners’ cards. Students’ and pensioners’ cards are not renegotiable. Students’ and pensioners’ cards are not valid for HD broadcasts and individually priced events.

When visiting our shows, please take into consideration the official age ratings of our films. You can find information about the age ratings of the running films on our webpage.

We can only return or exchange tickets as long as the show is cancelled for some reason or it gets interrupted. We can only return tickets against the receipt of sale and on the day of the show.  

Uránia reserves the right to change the programme, and in the case of its events, it reserves the right to change the date, the scene, and the characters, as well to cancel the event.  

In the case of cancelling the event or the show, you can return tickets under the conditions as follows:

  • As for Uránia’s own broadcasts and shows, tickets can be returned against receipt on the day of the cancelled broadcast or show.
  • As for hosted shows, Uránia only returns tickets that were sold at its cash-desks provided that the ticket-buyer hands over the ticket and undamaged receipt at the cash-desk. Tickets bought elsewhere can be returned only at their points of purchase.      

Damaged or lost tickets cannot be replaced.

People with disabilities can visit Uránia without barriers. Please ask our colleagues for help.

Visitors arriving late can take their seats with the help of our colleagues.

Ensuring the undisturbed broadcasts and events;
information about visitors’ turnover rate

You must not bring animals, transportation vehicles (rollers, bicycles, etc.), weapons or similar objects, or any other things or materials (posing health, physical or life hazard) into the territory of Uránia.

You must not bring food or drink into the halls.

The use of the cloakroom is recommended and free of charge. No financial responsibility is assumed for objects left in the coats or bags.

No responsibility is assumed for valuables left on the territory of Uránia, but you can have information about them at the cloakroom.

The whole building of Uránia is smoking free.

Visitors must use the halls of Uránia for their original purpose as well as protecting and handling the tools, equipment, and the building itself in accordance with the rules and regulations.    

Toilets on the territory of Uránia can be used by visitors with valid tickets and by the customers of the Café and Café of India in the building.

Uránia’s electronic and sound technology equipment can only be used by the employees and individuals authorised by Uránia.   

You must not use your mobile phone or any other equipment causing a disturbance during the broadcasts and events. The cashier can ask visitors to leave who disturb the show and its enjoyment by speaking loudly or behaving in a disruptive manner.    

During the broadcasts and events, you must not make image or sound recordings with any kind of device (e.g. mobile phone). Only pre-arranged official shootings are exempt from this. Not respecting this rule may have serious ownership and related law violation repercussions. Uránia’s staff can ask visitors to stop making sound and image recordings, if they do not, they can also ask them to leave.       

People under severe alcohol and drug influence must not attend the shows, not even with a valid ticket. You must not attend Uránia’s programmes if you behave in an outrageous, immoral or illegal way or dress inappropriately, thereby disturbing other visitors, or if you do not have a valid entrance ticket. Uránia’s staff may ask people disturbing the broadcasts or the events to leave and walk them out. The measures taken by the employees of Uránia are binding for the visitors.       

In the building (including the areas attended by visitors) non-professional pictures can be taken only for personal use. In any other case, you need to ask for a written permit for photographing in advance at the email address of     

In the case of exceptional circumstances (e.g. bomb alert, fire, natural catastrophe), visitors must abide by the orders of our staff and follow the rules.

Please inform our colleagues as soon as possible about accidents, fainting fits and other outstanding events allowing the fast taking of measures.  

On the whole premises of Uránia and in its halls, image and sound recordings may be made where any visitor may appear but have no right to file a claim against Uránia, the organisers, the recorders, or the legal end users of the recordings.

By purchasing tickets for broadcasts and events organised by Uránia or for hosted shows, visitors approve of the Rules of the House that they must comply with. Visitors violating the Rules of the House can be prohibited from entering the building, or in more severe cases, legal actions can be taken against them.  

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Pénztárnyitás: az első előadás előtt 30 perccel.
Pénztárzárás: az utolsó előadás kezdetét követően 15 perccel.
A kávézó a honlapon (az URÁNIA KÁVÉZÓ menüpont alatt) feltüntetett időpontokban tart nyitva.

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