Budapest Classic Film Marathon: Stolen Meeting

Varastatud kohtumine
Soviet-Estonian drama, colour, 97 min, 1989
in Estonian and Russian with Hungarian and English subtitles

Show times:

Director: Leida Laius

Screenplay by Mariya Zvereva
Director of photography: Jüri Sillart
Music by Lepo Sumera
Cast: Maria Klenskaja, Andreas Kangur, Kale Mihkelson

Open Archives / Archive treasures / Estonian Film Institute

Introduction: Mari Armei, digitization specialist, Film Archive of the National Archives of Estonia.

After Valentina is released from prison she tries to make a new start in life. She has nowhere to go and she has no-one or anything to cling to. Her only desire is to find her son, Jüri, who has been adopted, because she is certain that her life can change if she is with her child. This is a traumatic film with strong female characters about solidarity and the lack thereof, and Estonia in the late 1980s. Estonian director Leida Laius would have been 100 this year.

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»Jul. 14. – Sunday«
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Saint (12)

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Dance First (16)

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Fly Me to the Moon (12)

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Oppenheimer (16)

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Out of Season (12)

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The Taste of Things (12)

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It's Raining Men (16)

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Anatomy of a Fall (16)

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Horizon: An American Saga – Chapter 1 (16)

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Agent of Happiness (12)

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