Budapest Classic Film Marathon: The Third Man

The Third Man
British film-noir, bw, 104 min, 1949
in English with Hungarian subtitles

Show times:

Director: Carol Reed

Written by Graham Greene
Screenplay by Graham Greene
Director of photographyRobert Krasker
Music by Anton Karas
Producer: Alexander Korda
CastJoseph Cotten, Alida Valli, Orson Welles

The Korda Universe 

Introduction: Péter Muszatics, film historian

This is an interesting film not only for it encapsulation of an era, not merely for the appearance of Orson Welles – aka Harry Lime –, not only for its notes of film noir – although some sources prefer to reference it as a thriller –, or for the shadow of the man running through the tunnel, but also because so many people went, and still go, to Vienna thanks to The Third Man. To see with their own eyes the various filming locations. In the movie, Vienna emerges as a remarkable location from both historical and architectural aspects. The Third Man tours are still being organized today in the same way as they are for the romantic opus Before Sunrise. The Third Man is a film about the Cold War and a crossing: crossing to another, and truly chillier era.

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»Jul. 14. – Sunday«
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